A Busy Week

What a busy week of fun activities we have had for Diwrnod Shumae Sumae. We have been greeting everyone with a cheerful Shwmae to celebrate and encourage learners and speakers of our lovely language to use it everyday and also celebrating all things Welsh and wonderful. Barbara and the Family Learning group at Gorseinon Junior School enjoyed playing Welsh Bingo together.

The children and adults in Craigfelen, Seaview and Waun Wen Family Learning group collected ‘Dail yr Hydref’ (Autumn leaves) and looked at the lovely colours in English and Welsh and carried out lots of fun activities, even making a forest crown!



It was not just the younger children enjoying themselves for Diwrnod Shwmae Sumae, the boys, girls and parents at Morriston Comprehensive School Family Learning Group enjoyed lots of Welsh activities and games and even managed to enjoy a few Welsh cakes!

The adults attending Bryn House classes learnt a little Welsh conversation by completing a half hour lesson together with ‘Saysomethinginwelsh’ a free online resource for Welsh learners and enjoyed some Welsh cakes of course!


Diwrnod Shwmae Sumae!

Mae’r dosbarthiadau wedi dechrau ac mae pawb yn edrych ymlaen at y tymor newydd yn frwdfrydig! Mae digwyddiadau cyffrous wedi’u trefnu ar gyfer wythnos 15 Hydref pan fydd dosbarthiadau Dysgu fel Teulu a Sgiliau Hanfodol yn helpu i ddathlu Diwrnod Shwmae Sumae gyda gweithgareddau trwy gydol yr wythnos sy’n hyrwyddo ac yn dathlu iaith a diwylliant Cymru! Gallwch gymryd rhan trwy ddechrau pob sgwrs gyda shwmae, su’mae neu shwdi! Nod y diwrnod yw dangos bod Cymraeg yn perthyn i bawb ac y gallwn ni i gyd ddefnyddio Cymraeg trwy gydol y flwyddyn!


Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae!

Classes are up and running and everyone is looking forward to the new term with enthusiasm! Exciting events are planned for the week of 15th October when Family Learning and Essential Skills classes will be celebrating Diwrnod Shwmae Sumae with week long activities promoting and celebrating the Welsh language and culture! You can join in by starting every conversation with Shwmae, su’mae or shwdi! The aim of the day is to show that Welsh belongs to everyone and we can all use Welsh all year round.


Celebrations at Seaview Primary

Parents and children enjoyed celebrating the end of their successful Family Learning Group at Seaview Primary with a little party. The group has been very busy this year reading, writing, finding out about artists, looking at numbers and shape and even making their own films and books using iPads! We will be back at Seaview in the new term but wish all parents, children, staff and teachers a very happy summer and thank you all for your wonderful support!